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Welcome to AIDN NSW

Our Vision
The Australian Industry &Defence Network - NSW Incorporated (AIDN NSW) aims to maximise Defence-related business for NSW SMEs.

AIDN NSW is the NSW chapter of the ‘Not-for-Profit’ organisation the Australian Industry & Defence Network Incorporated (AIDN), which is the national industry association for small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) wishing to do business in the defence and security sectors. Established in 1995, AIDN represents the interests of Australian SMEs in the defence and security industry sectors by advocacy, representation and member services to maximise their defence and security related business. AIDN is made up of chapters from all states and territories and has a combined national membership network in excess of 800 principal SME companies. Its chapter structures are optimised to reflect the nature of the defence and security industries in each State and Territory, which ensures that its national direction is informed by a full range of industry views.

Value Proposition
Underpinning AIDN’s influence with the key defence procurement agencies, industry prime contractors and the wider defence network is the strength and credibility of the AIDN brand, along with the collective knowledge and experience of hundreds of committed senior defence and industry executives available to you.

Central to the AIDN strategy are its SME Participation and Australian Industry Involvement policies. These seek to influence Defence’s Australian Industry Capability (AIC) and Global Supply Chain (GSC) programs to support AIDN members in securing long-term sustainable work in the domestic and global defence markets. AIDN’s policies support industry as a Fundamental Input to Capability, particularly Australian Sovereign Capabilities, and promote a level playing field where capabilities are sourced internationally.

Within the AIDN framework, AIDN NSW is dedicated to its role of supporting all NSW based businesses, by influencing the growth of the NSW Industry and Defence sector and providing a source of information and networking opportunities to support its members.

It does this via seven main activities:
1. Generating working opportunities to connect AIDN members with new business procurement decision makers from across both defence and your local industry peers, through local company presentations and networking events.
2.Providing a source of information and advice on:best-practice tendering;project management tactics and strategy ;winning defence business;people and product development.
3.Advice on circumnavigating defence bureaucracy and how to best position your business to improve the win rate in defence tenders 
4.Influencing government policy and procurement procedures at federal, state and local levels. 
5.Organising and supporting peer-to-peer learning opportunities to drive the collective capabilities of NSW based companies in developing ‘best practice’ solutions 
6.Creating an environment where increased opportunities for NSW businesses are created by member engagement and collaboration to develop clustering opportunities, joint ventures and strategic alliances.
7.Developing and providing collective marketing and promotional activities for members at key industry events, trade-shows and conferences, where an AIDN NSW presence enhances the opportunity to showcase your business and capability. 

Contact Details 
AIDN NSW encourages all SMEs to join and participate in developing your industry here in NSW. The networking opportunities are significant and will allow you to develop your business strategy in securing new and developing business in your chosen sector. 
Contact AIDN NSW for instruction on becoming a financial and participative member of AIDN via the Executive Officer. 

John Small OAM
Ph: 02 9713 6218
Mob: 0421 345 637 
Fax: 02 9713 6218 
Email: nswxo@aidn.org.au

Australian Industry & Defence Network – NSW Incorporated
PO Box 220 Concord NSW 2137

Website: www.aidn-nsw.org.au

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