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Immediate AIDN Benefits

The immediate benefits available to new members on joining are:

  • Access to the AIDN NSW Executive Officer, who was previously Director Defence Materiel Organisation Regional Office NSW. With more than 30 years experience in Defence, he can give you immediate leads into areas that buy your products and services;
  • A service to arrange meetings with Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO) staff who are responsible for making sure DMO uses SMEs where appropriate;
  • Access to other members with many years of defence experience. AIDN has many members who have been dealing with Defence, and Defence’s prime contractors, and are happy to share their experiences and give you advice on how to engage. This is best available during monthly breakfast networking meetings and quarterly functions.


Other AIDN Benefits

  • Networking opportunities with major primes to Defence and federal and state government decision makers and buyers;
  • A voice to lobby Defence and federal and state governments to adopt SME friendly policy, practice and support;
  • A voice to other firms and industry;
  • A resource on how to do business, including the AIDN NSW secretariat, the AIDN National web site at www.aidn.org.au and access to the AIDN Members Secure Extranet Service;
  • defence publications and directories at discount rates, Defcom discount cards for employees and conditional membership for employees to the Defence Health Benefits Scheme;
  • A monthly emailed national newsletter providing information about current opportunities, upcoming activities and member success stories;
  • Inclusion of your company details on the AIDN National web site, which is used by Defence and industry, and on the Extranet site for use by members;
  • A Member Assist Member scheme; and
  • Distribution of information on tenders and other opportunities with Defence, government and related bodies in Australia and overseas.


As at June 2014, AIDN NSW has 134 active and committed financial members.


Membership Subscription

In order to achieve its membership objectives, the organisation has constructed a very attractive membership subscription. As from June 2014, rates range from $500 per annum plus GST for companies with up to 5 employees, up to $2,000 plus GST for companies with more than 500 employees.



AIDN NSW is a non-profit organisation, and is reliant on subscriptions and sponsorship for its income. As a result, the more members who join, the better the real and financial benefits that can be offered. It is currently operating at better than a neutral cash flow position and expects that its increasing membership will allow it to continue expanding its member services.


Contact Details

AIDN-NSW can be contacted via the Executive Officer:

John Small
PO Box 220
Concord NSW 2137
P: 02 9713 6218
M: 0421 345 637
E: nswxo@aidn.org.au

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