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DVA Heart Health Program for

Returned Veterans & Peacekeepers & those covered

by the ADF Firefighters Scheme

12 Months of Telephonic Health coaching

Gym or Pool membership assistance available

Did you know the DVA provides a free 12-month health and fitness program that can be delivered to returned Veterans and peacekeepers with operational service and those covered by the ADF firefighters scheme anywhere in the country.  The program is flexible and able to accommodate participants living in metropolitan areas, regional or remote areas, those still working or retired, studying or with other time constraints. Run on behalf of the DVA by Corporate Health Management the program aims to help you increase your physical health and wellbeing through practical exercise support and 12 months of health coaching and advice on healthy lifestyle choices provided by one of our team of highly qualified allied health professionals.

Am I eligible?

Started 20 years ago for those returned from Vietnam, the Heart Health Program is free and now open to all returned veterans and peacekeepers with operational service and those covered by the ADF Firefighters Scheme who have not previously done the Heart Health Program before. To check your eligibility visit http://www.veteranshearthealth.com.au/eligibility/

Individual Heart Health Program – How it works

Each participant receives 12 months of healthy lifestyle coaching from a highly qualified and dedicated allied health professional via fortnightly health coaching calls with information and advice tailored to each individuals health and fitness goals.  The health coach will use their extensive knowledge along with health surveys and food diaries to guide you through the program. The program covers a range of topics including:

1.       setting healthy goals

2.       nutrition and diet advice

3.       advice on lowering alcohol consumption

4.       developing better sleep patterns

5.       stress management

6.       managing diabetes

7.       taking care of your body

8.       managing your weight

9.       and maintaining a healthy heart


Program Exercise Resource – Exercise how you like to

The program can provide an exercise resource to help participants to exercise the way they like to or provide an opportunity to try something that’s different than the usual. Resources can take the form of:

  1. Assistance with the cost of a gym or pool membership or
  2. Provide a piece of exercise equipment for use at home or
  3. Provide assistance with accessing new exercise or training gear


Registering Your Interest

Registering your interest or checking eligibility is easy. Simply visit http://www.veteranshearthealth.com.au/eligibility/ and follow the steps. Or please call the program phone number 1300 246 262 at any time to speak to one of our team.

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