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Membership Benefits

Why join AIDN-Qld?

AIDN-Qld is a membership of firms with the common interest of contracting to Defence. It is open to all Queensland based enterprises and includes companies in manufacturing and service sectors.

The Australian defence Force currently spends in excess of $12 billion annually. Of this, approximately $6 billion is spent on procurement activities (the remainder being spent on wages and other non-procurement requirements).

Queensland based firms currently achieve around 8.3% of the available contract dollars. AIDN-Qld aims is to help facilitate an increase in this level.

AIDN-Qld is primarily a soft networking organisation. Members are provided with information and networking opportunities. However, the hard commercial activities are left to members and the alliances that they initiate through the membership.

Collaboration, networking and alliances are recognised as increasingly necessary in the global marketplace.Being an AIDN-Qld member will position your firm to take advantage of a dynamic Defence Industry network.

To join AIDN-Qld simply contact:

Mel Woon - Executive Officer 

P: 0421 315 981