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  • To maximise the amount of Defence business conducted in Queensland;
  • To assist members, in particular Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs), in their dealings with the Department of Defence;
  • To facilitate the dissemination of Department of Defence policy and procurement information to members;
  • To represent members in the presentation of their views, independent of Federal or sectoral interests, to Government departments;
  • To assist with and facilitate networking between State Defence Industry bodies to enhance competitiveness and offset imported products;
  • To represent members on forums, working groups and committees relating to Defence products;
  • To actively promote the Buy Australian Program and the AII aims and objectives, and assist members in participating in industry development programs;
  • To develop and build upon working relationships with appropriate elements of Defence Materiel Organisation Industry Branch and other procurement authorities;
  • To ensure that relevant Defence divisions and officers are aware of the products and capabilities within member organisations and networks;
  • To provide a complete range of member services including industry forums, briefing sessions, training programs and networking opportunities to increase members competitiveness;
  • To work closely with the relevant Queensland State government representatives and organisations to formulate a consistent strategy toward Defence procurement development, especially at a local level; and
  • To assist members in maximising their profitability through enhanced business opportunities and initiatives, which improve management skills and expertise.