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AIDN - Queensland

Welcome to the AIDN Queensland website. AIDN stands for the Australian Industry Defence Network and Defence is the common theme of member firms. They are either actively engaged in Defence contracts (or Defence exports) or they intend to seek out Defence work.

If you are seeking information on capable Defence suppliers in Queensland you will find many of them showcased under the Industry Search menu.

If you are a Queensland enterprise engaged in Defence contracts (or seeking Defence work) and are not an AIDN QLD member, then have a browse and consider joining. 

If you are a member then you have access to tender notification, key bulletin information and discussion forums where members can share their thoughts on sensitive issues such as difficulties tendering, Intellectual Property rights, export lessons etc. You will also be invited to attend a series of excellent seminars, visits and briefings focused on the burgeoning Defence market.

The objectives of the association are - 
1. To maximise the amount of Defence business conducted in Queensland by Australian SME’s.
2. To assist members, and in particular SMEs, in their dealings with the Department of Defence, Defence Primes and Defence MSP contractors.
3. To facilitate the dissemination of Department of Defence policy and procurement information to members (this will include an electronic bulletin board for on-line information).
4. To represent members in the presentation of their views, independent of Federal or sectoral interests, to Government departments.
5. To assist with and facilitate networking between State Defence Industry bodies, Defence Primes and Defence MSP’s to enhance competitiveness and offset imported products.
6. To represent members on forums, working groups and committees relating to Defence products and services.
7. To actively promote defence industry as a fundamental input to defence capability and assist members in participating in industry development programs.
8. To develop and build upon working relationships with appropriate procurement elements of the Department of Defence, Defence Primes, Defence MSP’s, Defence Industry and other procurement authorities.
9. To ensure that relevant Department of Defence agencies and officers, Defence Primes and Defence MSP’s are aware of the products and capabilities within member organisations and networks.
10. To provide a complete range of member services including industry forums, briefing sessions, training programs and networking opportunities to increase members’ understanding, competitiveness, and maturity in the defence industry.
11. To work closely with the relevant State government representatives and organisations to formulate a consistent strategy toward Defence procurement development, especially at a local level.
12. To assist members in maximising their profitability through enhanced business opportunities and initiatives which improve management skills & expertise.
13. To provide regular emailed newsletters with information about current opportunities, upcoming activities and events; and
14. To include your company details on the AIDN National website once you are an AIDN QLD member.