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Defence Information

The 2018 Defence Industrial Capability Plan

The 2018 Defence Industrial Capability Plan(the Plan) released on 23 April outlines the Government’s long-term vision to build and develop a robust, resilient and internationally competitive Australian defence industry base that is better able to help meet defence capability requirements.

The Defence Industrial Capability Plan sets out a comprehensive plan for Australia’s defence industry. The Government is investing in our defence industry and ensuring that it is positioned to support delivery of the Integrated Investment Program over the next decade. The Plan includes the Sovereign Industrial Capability Assessment Framework and introduces the initial Sovereign Industrial Capability Priorities. The Plan acknowledges that as Australia builds its defence capability, we must also grow our defence industrial capability. By 2028, Australia will require a larger, more capable and prepared Australian defence industry that has the resident skills, expertise, technology, intellectual property and infrastructure to:
  • enable the conduct of ADF operations today
  • support the acquisition, operation and sustainment of future defence capability; and provide the national support base for Defence to meet current needs and to surge if Australia’s strategic circumstances require it.
The Defence Industry Policy Statement released with the 2016 Defence White Paperacknowledges the fundamental contribution that Australian industry provides to defence capability. The Defence Industrial Capability Plan recognises the strategic importance of Defence and defence industry sovereignty to Australia's defence and national security. Please find a link to view theDefence Industrial Capability Plan

Defence Export Strategy

The Defence Export Strategy builds upon the Government's defence industry policy by setting out a comprehensive system to plan, guide, and measure defence export outcomes.The Government recognises that Australian industry cannot sustain itself on the needs of the Australian Defence Force alone. New markets and opportunities to diversify are required to help unlock the full potential of Australian defence industry to grow, innovate, and support Defence’s future needs. Exports will provide our defence industry with greater certainty of future investment and support high-end manufacturing jobs for Australians for generations to come. The Strategic Goal over the next decade to 2028 is to: achieve greater export success to build a stronger, more sustainable and more globally competitive Australian defence industry to support Australia’s Defence capability needs.

In support of this Strategic Goal, the Government’s ambition is to achieve the following five Objectives by 2028:

  • strengthen the partnership between the Australian Government and industry to pursue defence export opportunities;
  • sustain Australia's defence industrial capabilities across peaks and troughs in domestic demand;
  • enable greater innovation and productivity in Australia's defence industry to deliver world-leading Defence capabilities;
  • maintain the capability edge of the Australian Defence Force and leverage Defence capability development for export opportunities; and
  • grow Australia's defence industry to become a top ten global defence exporter.

The Strategy brings together all of the levers available to government, Defence and industry to provide end-to-end support for defence exports, from building export readiness, to identifying export opportunities, and ultimately realising export outcomes. The Strategy provides $20 million in additional annual funding from 2018-19 to support Australia’s defence exports. A new Australian Defence Export Office will be created within the Department of Defence to provide a focal point for defence exports and drive implementation of the Strategy. For further information on the Defence Export Strategy please email: or click on the following link to view the Defence Export Strategy

Defence Industry - The Workforce Being the Defence Force

There are over 2,000 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) throughout Australia providing services such as software development, precision manufacturing and specialist engineering for the defence industry.Many of these businesses do not work directly with Defence, but as part of a supply chain assisting larger companies with Defence contracts. The Government is investing $200 billion to modernise Australia’s defence capability. Australian businesses, large and small, will be essential to delivering these new capabilities. This means there will be more opportunities for SMEs to join the thousands already working in the defence industry. Defence is making its requirements clearer so that Australian business, academic and research organisations can understand what Defence needs so they can invest in their own capabilities.

The Naval Ship Building Plan

The Naval Shipbuilding Plan released on 16 May 2017 outlines the Government vision for the Australian naval shipbuilding enterprise and the significant investment required in coming decades.The Australian Government is laying the foundations for an Australian-wide naval shipbuilding enterprise, ending the cycle that has afflicted the Australian naval shipbuilding and sustainment industry. This will provide certainty to local businesses and shipbuilding workers. Modernisation of our naval forces is a complex, national endeavour aimed at building and sustaining Australia’s naval capabilities, creating economic growth through maximising Australian industry involvement, and securing Australian jobs for future generations. Please click of the following link to access the Naval Ship Building Plan


Capability Acquistion and Sustainment Group (CASG) Business Framework sets out how we work with our industry partners, suppliers and other stakeholders, including Government and business, to deliver successful capability outcomes. Please click on the following link to access The CASG Business Framework

Ready to do business with Defence?

Defence is the largest procurement agency in the Commonwealth and is responsible for some of Australia’s most complex procurement activities. Defence engages with industry to deliver value for money procurement outcomes in order to support departmental and Australian Defence Force capability. defence is keen to support businesses of all sizes right across Australia, including regional and remote areas, and overseas. Defence is a large potential market for many types of business. As a potential supplier to Defence you need to know how procurement is undertaken, how to find business opportunities, how to compete to win and how to find assistance and available services. To find out more click here

Contracting with Defence - Before you can supply goods and services, you must first familiarise yourself with the appropriate Defence procurement policies and guidelines. Policy documents, tendering and contracting templates and general information have been made available to industry to assist when tendering for work and entering into a contractual arrangement with Defence. To find out more click here