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Objectives & Strategies

Membership of the Australian & Defence Network is an investment in your future growth.
The annual subscription fee is fully tax deductible. Membership fees vary between the State & Territory chapters.
To find out the cost of membership in each State & Territory please visit the Membership Benefit pages under State Groups.

AIDN provides value to its members via the following:
  • Continue to be the effective peak organisation for the representation of Defence SMEs;
  • Influence Defence industry policy for the benefit of Defence SMEs;
  • Maximise Defence SME involvement in Defence related business nationally and internationally;
  • Promulgate industry capability information to members, Defence, Prime Contractors and industry;
  • Support AIDN State and Territory Chapters to meet their objectives; and
  • Promote and conduct industry development programs.

Supporting Strategies Peak organisation role
  • Maintain recognition by Government and prime contractors as the peak Defence SME organisation;
  • Maintain a productive high level relationship with Defence Ministers, the Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group and other key elements of the Defence organisation;
  • Maintain effective representation on Defence and Industry forums, committees and working groups dealing with Defence industry policy;
  • Develop and maintain close relationships with all major Defence prime contractors operating in Australia; and
  • Develop and maintain links with other relevant national and international industry bodies.

Defence industry policy
  • Develop and promote national positions on major Defence industry policies and initiatives;
  • Work closely with the Goverment, Defence Industry Policy Division and other areas of Defence to give positive, practical and timly effect to the implementation of AIDN–supported policies. Support the industry policy initiatives outlined in the 2016 Defence White Paper;
  • Monitor policy implementation through case studies, surveys and member representations;
  • Support local industry participation in international global supply chains; and
  • Support the growth of local industry capability and competitiveness and contribute to the development of supporting procurement and industry strategies.

SME access to Defence related business
  • Maintain a member capability database;
  • Develop the key elements of the AIDN SME Participation plan proposal;
  • Develop and maintain a cooperative relationship with defence Prime contractors operating in Australia to maximise the opportunities for Defence SMEs and to better protect their interests;
  • Contribute to the further development and use of the Defence Intgrated Investment  Plan as a dynamic guide to defence projects and commercial opportunities;
  • Continue to actively cooperate with Team Defence Australia;
  • Continue to provide tender information to members across all relevant areas of Defence;
  • Continue to participate in the development and implementation of the Global Supply Chain program;
  • Provide representation at major Defence conferences and exhibitions, including facilitation of display and marketing opportunities for individual AIDN members; and
  • Continue to support Defence-specific trade missions and Memoradums of Understandings with overseas defence industry associations where there is clear AIDN member interest and potential benefit.

Industry capability information
  • Identify Defence SME specialist skills and technology capabilities to Defence, Prime contractors and across the AIDN membership.
  • Work with CASG and the CIDC in the collection of the capability and capacity information needed to determine the level of industry support that may be required for the establishment and sustainment of sovereign industrial capabilities.

Assist AIDN State and Territory Chapters
  • Provide a central focus for the dissemination of Defence and industry information to members;
  • Host a secure AIDN Extranet site for all chapters;
  • Continue to provide an AIDN National newsletter for circulation to all members;
  • Provide promotional material; and
  • Coordinate representation at major Defence conferences and exhibitions.