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Defence Information

Defence White Paper 2016

Defence Industry Policy 2016

Defence Integrated Investment Program 2016


Rand Report into Australia's Naval Shipbuilding Enterprise


First Principles Review


The Strategic Reform Program – Delivering Force 2030


Future Submarine Industry Skills Plan May 2013


Coles Study into the Business of Sustaining Australia’s Strategic Collins Class Submarine Capability 2012


Plan to Reform Support Ship Repair and Management Practices Rizzo 2011


Mortimer Review of Defence Procurement and Sustainment

For a copy of the Mortimer review please click here


Defence Rapid Prototyping Development and Evaluation (RPDE)

For more information on Australia’s new Defence program click here. The RPDE initiative is a joint program between Defence and Industry requiring industry to work collaboratively on Defence-directed problems in order to provide sufficient information to Departmental capability managers so that they can make informed decisions on enhancing Network Centric Warfare (NCW) capability across the ADF.


Letter of Recognised Supply (LoRS)

The Letter of Recognised Supply (LoRS) program is designed to help sustain Australian Defence industry capability by acknowledging the successful supply by an Australian Company to the Australian Defence Organisation.

To receive the Letter of Recognised Supply a company needs to meet the standards of supply demanded by the Australian Defence Organisation. Products and services need to be supplied on time, on budget and to specification.


The Letter of Recognised Supply will state:

  • The company name;
  • The specific product or service supplied;
  • The period of time the supply occurred;
  • The Defence project, unit or facility supplied; and
  • The Defence capability or outcome supplied.

The Letter of Recognised Supply provides companies with evidence of their supply to the Australian Defence Organisation, to assist in bidding for new work or marketing their capabilities to non-defence customers.


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